Dome turf coming to local field

Mayo Vikings Turf Field

ROCHESTER, Minn. – One area school is getting a chance to own a piece of Vikings history.

For more than 30 years the Metrodome has been home to some of the best teams and players in professional sports.

“The word is going around in the school is buzzing with excitement,” said Thomas Olson, Mayo High School Principal.

In a press conference, Mayo High School officials announce plans to acquire the Metrodome’s artificial turf and install it on their field.

“Four years ago my first year at mayo high school principal members of the members of our touchdown club approach me and idea of putting artificial turf on our field in the near future. I’m very proud very proud to say’s history and they shared with me is not become a dream come true,” said Olson.

“Very reliable and consistent playing service and obviously the uniqueness of it being from the Metrodome and Minnesota Vikings just brings a whole new twist to it,” said Jeff Whitney, Mayo High School Activities Director.

Although a Packers fan at heart, Head Football Coach, Don Holcomb says it’s an exciting opportunity for the school and his program.

“With the footings there they don’t have to be concerned about slowing down and all that kind of stuff so i just think it’s going to improve the quality of the game and want to mail both male and the other one is able to do and want to get done,” said Holcomb.

By fall, the transformation will be complete and Mayo Football players will be able to say it was on this field that Adrian Peterson rushed for 296 yards in a single game even if he accomplished that feat, 85 miles to the North.

School officials say the field will be ready in time for this upcoming season and will be available for all outdoor sports.

They also say plans are in the works to get artificial turf for the other two public high schools in Rochester.

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