Giving kids a pep in their step

MASON CITY, Iowa – Being active has become a main goal for many, but some don’t have the necessary equipment.

The North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) have joined together to collect shoes for kids.

They are collecting donations of new athletic shoes and socks for kids in need and their goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

However, this project is not just about healthy living.

Ben Back, the president of NIACC’s Physical Therapist Assistant Club, says this project is a good reminder of how fortunate many are and how big of a need there is in the U.S.

“A lot of us take for granite having five, ten, 15 pairs of shoes in our closet,” Back said, “where as some are at a disadvantage to not have that many pairs of shoes and new pair of shoes might be a big deal.”

Donation boxes are scattered around the NIACC campus this week and for one full week following NIACC’s spring break.

Back hopes that seeing the piles of shoes around campus will remind students and faculty how easy it is to donate for the cause.

“I’m sure we’ve all seen people whose shoes are really scuffed up or really word down and having a new parish shoes can make a difference between your feet staying warm in the wintertime, especially where we live,” Back said, “or being able to be active and be healthy.”

Half of all the donations received will go to homeless shelters in the Mason City area and the other half will be distributed to shelters in Charlotte, North Carolina at the APTA conference in June.

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