Golden Apple: Jeslynne Vaage

5th grade special education teacher, Jeslynne Vaage makes sure her heart and mind are in the right place each day.

She said, “Because they look up to you and respect you and so it’s always important to come in with a smile and a good attitude, because it sets the tone for the class it was well.”

She makes every lesson fun, no matter the subject.

Jeslynne said, “The teacher I co-teach with and in acted out the Boston Massacre and the kids were just laughing and giggling and they did so great on the test and on that question, they got other ones right but that question every single student got right.”

And her students look forward to a very special opportunity at the end of the week…Fun Friday.

5th Grader, Katelyn Goll said, “If we’re good, we get to have it, and it’s just really fun. Sometimes we watch movies or we play games and it’s really fun.”

That’s just one way Jesslynne likes to reward her students for a job well done.

“They’re always like did we earn it, did we earn it? And then right before we’ll say ‘You earned it!” and they’re all just so excited about it.”

And her students hope she knows just how much of an impact she’s having on their lives.

Katelyn said, “She’s always so energetic and fun and she really deserved it and she’s a very special person to everybody in our class.”

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