Legalizing medical marijuana

Legalizing pot

KIMT News 3 –  It’s an issue that is pretty black or white for many people.

You’re either for or against legalizing marijuana, but it’s not always a topic people want to talk about including lawmakers.

But one thing many are starting to understand is that the issue won’t be going away.

Quinn Symonds from Mason City is very passionate about his politics and beliefs and that includes his views that medical marijuana should be legal in Iowa.

That’s why he’s not being quiet about the issue and he’s doing his part to make sure lawmakers in Des Moines are up to date on the topic.

“As we progress along the united states, move along, medicinal programs we’re finding that its helping out a lot more than just what we thought five, 10 years ago,” said Symonds.

Recently he brought the issue up with local democrats in Cerro GordoCounty and this week, he also spoke with a state senator about his concerns.

“I think that people when they talk about legalization they should be talking about medicinal first,” said Symonds.

And he’s not alone.

According to a recent Iowa Poll in the Des Moines Register, 59 percent of Iowans are for the legalization of medical pot.

Even Minnesota is looking at the issue.

Right now there’s a bill in the House of Representatives that would legalize the plant as well for medical use.

Representative Jeanne Poppe says she’s not shocked the discussion is happening now.

“I know that people have seen it as a benefit to them medically and physically they’d like to be able to see that, so no I’m not surprised they’re coming forward,” said Poppe.

But she feels the bill needs to be tightened up more before she would be in full support.

“Believe that this is the only relief the only way to relieve their pain or suffering or seizures or whatever but also one that meets the support of law enforcement,” said Poppe.

But you can bet those in support of the changes won’t be going away.

“A lot of them say well we’re not hearing enough about it well I don’t think that the problem. I don’t think enough people are talking about it,” said Poppe.

The current bill in Minnesota says it would be legal to possess, and use up 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana.

However, the State Commissioner of Health would have to approve your medical condition before you could use it.

You would also need to have an I.D. card approved by your doctor.

Representative Poppe says right now Minnesota law enforcement is against legalizing medical marijuana saying the bill’s rules and regulations are not tight enough, and that could de-rail chances of it being passed by lawmakers like Poppe who say they need law enforcement behind the bill before giving their ok.

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