New vision test to detect eye deficits earlier than ever before


There’s new technology in north Iowa that’s helping opticians diagnose eye diseases earlier than ever before.

It’s called the Diopsys VEP, and the Family Eye Care Center is one of just 10 clinics in the state that have the device.

The patient sits in front of a monitor and watches a series of flashes.

The device measures the information that goes from the eye, to the back of the brain.

“This test has been shown to detect glaucoma between 6-8 years before the side vision test; it’s also much easier and faster. We still do the side vision test but the more we use this the more we realize this gives us a step forward in detecting things quicker,” says Donald Furman, O.D.

Right now the device travels between the clinic’s three locations in Forest City, Britt and Garner.

They had it for about 9 months and say it’s used frequently.

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