North Iowa chamber looks to community for ideas on how to spend thousands


Wouldn’t we all like to have this problem; a north Iowa chamber of commerce finds itself with some extra money and are looking for ways to spend it. So they’re asking members for their suggestions.

“As you can tell it doesn’t weather well.”

Britt’s Public Library Director Linda Friedow has a few ideas as to where a little extra spending money can go, one of those is improving the trash cans in downtown.

“Even a concrete with the rock sides, something that’s a little sturdier,” explains Friedow.

Besides the trash cans, she’d like to see some improvements to “beautify” Main Street.

“We used to have planters on the street that always were taken care of by different businesses and that looked nice in the spring, summer and fall.”

She’s one of the many Chamber of Commerce members who have been asked to give their thoughts on how thousands of extra dollars should be spent.

“It’s an excellent problem to have, quite a change from the past I have to admit.”

Board members Steve Barber and Sarah Freesemann explain the chamber has gone through some revamping of the budget, which is separate from the budget for the city of Britt.

The chamber was running into some funding issues, one of the changes was to eliminate the paid full-time director position.

“Without a full-time director expenses we probably have an excess of $12,000 that we need to put in the right places in our community,” explains Barber.

The chamber has started putting together a list of ideas they’ve gotten from members.

“Some of them are to use are gazebo the City Park gazebo more and they talked about doing more for Halloween or doing more around Christmas time,” adds Freesemann.

For Linda, the possibility of improvements to her city is exciting.

“It’s really nice to have the option to spend some money and give some money back to the community or to the businesses that have been putting the money in,” she says.

The chamber is still open to hearing ideas from members.

Some other suggestions they’ve received include, spending more money to advertise events in Britt and putting together welcome kits for new residents moving into the community.

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