A gift of bravery

Jaxen Hicok

MASON CITY, Iowa –  Jaxen Hicok is what you would call one brave seven year old.

The night of the accident that killed his friend Devlin on November 1st, 2013, Jaxen was right there telling Deputy Mitch Kruse what happened, as hard as that could have been.

And it was Jaxen’s personality that Deputy Kruse and his fellow officers, couldn’t forget.

“Basically after the accident, a couple days after I was lying in bed thinking about it. I remembered Jaxen saying how much he loves the packers, how much he loves Aaron Rodgers,” said Deputy Kruse.

So deputy turned his thoughts into action.

Which led to a big reveal to Jaxen.

With the help of a fellow county correctional officer and some research Deputy Kruse was able to get Jaxen a Packers hat signed by Aaron Rogers himself.

“I’m feeling kind of happy and kind of nervous,” said Jaxen.

For many in this room who were touched by Jaxen’s bravery that night and Devlin’s life, Thursday night is just one small way to honor them both.

“The biggest point is police officers are out there to help people. We are not always there to show people the bad, we’re humans too,” said Deputy Kruse.

And for Jaxen, who put on such a brave face on that horrible day, it’s time to put on his new favorite hat and get back to being a regular boy.

“I wouldn’t have imagined this. i thought it would be a normal hat but nothing like this,” said Jaxen.

And it seems this couldn’t be better timing for Jaxen as his birthday is coming up this Saturday.

It falls on his golden birthday where he will be turning eight.

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