Minnesota completes process to using more efficient 911 system

NEXT GEN 911-VO.transfer

It’s been years in the making but now all of Minnesota’s 911 call centers are connected to a more efficient system that directs calls for help more quickly.

It’s called the Next Generation 911 Network.

Minnesota is among eight states making the switch to it.

The plan is to incorporate more features in the 911 system, including eventually being able to text your emergency and get help.

“That’s our first priority and what we’ll do over the next year is plan with our PSAPs and our major metropolitan centers, do some trialing with the existing technologies that are out there and then work with the carriers to come up with a comprehensive statewide plan,” says Emergency Communication Network’s Director, Jackie Mines.

The Department of Public Safety Emergency Communication Network has been working to get this network throughout the state.

“We’re very excited that we’ve made it this far and really it’s just the beginning of this project but it sets the stage for some exciting new ways to deliver and handle 911,” adds Mines.

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