School honors Special Olympians


MASON CITY, Iowa – Drums, cheers and a lot of pep is on hand for Mason City High School as they recognize their Special Olympic student-athletes.

Mason City’s Special Olympic basketball teams are heading to state to compete in the Winter tournament.

Three Seniors also received Mohawk Letters for being involved on the teams for the past four years.

“When I walked into the gym I saw everyone. The bleachers full and packed full of people, it melted my heart to see it,” said Sadee Koehler.

Sadee Koehler is also a Senior at Mason City High School.

She is involved in the Best Buddies program as part of the Special Olympics and says what she’s learned from her buddy, are lessons she’ll never forget.

“Even if you are in a hard or difficult situation for 15 minutes, It’s unbelievable that you can do that. He also taught me that it’s okay to not be okay and he’s also taught me the biggest lessons in life is love everyone no matter who they are,” said Koehler.

After a pick-up game between faculty and competing students, school officials announced the “Spread The Word to End The Word” initiative.

Tomorrow those with the Iowa Special Olympics and the Best Buddies program are set to meet with Governor Terry Branstad.

He plans to sign a proclamation for the initiative.

The goal is to hopefully put an end to the offensive “r” word from our vocabulary.

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