Alzheimer’s leads to more deaths than originally thought


KIMT News 3 – It turns out that more deaths can be attributed to Alzheimer’s than we originally thought. You might wonder how professionals have missed this for so long.

Well the fact that the person has Alzheimer’s is being overshadowed by their more immediate cause of death, like pneumonia or paralysis.

According to the Journal of Neurology, 83,000 deaths were reported due to Alzheimer’s, when really that number should be somewhere around 500,000.

While the Alzheimer’s disease came secondary, it is often times the root of the more deathly diagnosis.

“It turns out that more deaths can be attributed to dementia can cause immobility, it can cause swallowing disorders, and mal-nutrition which can all lead to  pneumonia, so that’s the most common identified cause of death on death certificates with the elderly people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia,” says Melissa Kramer, Communications Director for Alzheimer’s Association Greater Iowa Chapter.

Kramer sees this research as a huge motivator into the further study of the deadly disease.

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