Charles City School Board Middle School project moves forward

CHARLES CITY, IA – After many town hall meetings, elections, and board meetings, it is time to vote on a final plan for the Charles City School District.

Red, blue, purple, orange, to most these are just colors, but to citizens of Charles City, they mean a whole lot more. They are the color of different plans for the future of Charles City Schools.

“I’m excited for our students and I’m excited about Charles City and what awaits us. And by moving forward with this new program that we have, this building plan for students, it just reinforces that we want to be cutting edge and do what’s best for our community and our kids,” says Superintendent Dr. Dan Cox.

After a year of conversation, the Charles City School Board had it narrowed down to two plans, blue and purple.

The blue plan was based on renovations of the current middle school on North Grand and Comet, where the purple plan involves all new construction of a single campus between the Middle School and High School.

It all came down to Thursday night. In a vote of 5-1, the board is seeing the color purple.

“This is not the end. This really is the beginning and the conversations will continue. I really want to stress that we need people to help out with committee work and with giving us input to really fine tune this plan,” added Superintendent Cox

Parents we talked with are very excited about the merging of the middle school and high school because students will have many more opportunities. Take it from a parent who was thinking about changing school districts until this decision.

“There’s been lots of research and lots of studies that show that by giving opportunities to children in say 6th-8th grade as well as children in 9th-12th grade combining those opportunities and giving some of those advanced classes, different options with foreign languages, those sorts of things to younger children at an earlier age is very beneficial to them,” says Jason Walker of Charles City.

So what’s next? Superintendent Cox is seeking out land for the new building and will propose a comprehensive plan on September 9th. It will be renamed to the “orange” plan in honor of Charles City Schools signature color.

“I’m excited about the future of, you know putting my children through the school district in Charles City,” says Walker.

Superintendent Cox says they have a lot to discuss before revealing the final “orange” plan in September. With that in mind, the new school should be ready for students in the Fall of 2016.

This measure will also require a voter referendum.

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