Countdown to spring: Grill sales pick up


MASON CITY, Iowa – We continue our countdown to the season everybody’s waiting for, spring!

Each day for the next 13 days we’ll be bringing you a story about spring, and right now people are busy prepping for warmer weather.

One thing they’re making sure they have for the season is a grill.

Local companies that sell outdoor grills say this is the busy time for them.

Especially with some new technology in grilling coming out this season like infra-red grills.

The anticipation for grilling season is being felt at LakeFireplace and Spa, owners there say nothing really says spring and summer like grilling.

‘It’s just what people do, you like to be outside with family and friends your neighbors and fire up the grill, everybody sits around and cooks and has a good time,” says owner, George Simpson.

Energy efficient grills are among some of the newer grills that are growing in popularity.

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