Fitness Friday: Cross country skiing

Lime Creek Naturalist, Todd Van Ehwegen, gets me all set up with the gear situation and then it’s time to trek outside to the trails.

Even though it’s freezing out, I know I won’t feel that way for long.

Since I have no idea what I’m doing, Todd shows me the Ropes

After a quick demo, it’s my turn.

Todd explains it as kind of like running. As you glide, you can lift up your back heel and push to get momentum.

But he says to try not to get too bogged down with the details

Todd said, “If you think about it too much, if you try to figure out what’s going where, you tend to get all mixed up. Just kinda get yourself going and think about running and just taking a jog. It’s pretty similar.”

And with that little piece of advice, I caught on pretty quickly.

Cross country skiing seems pretty easygoing, but once you gather some speed, you can torch some serious calories

Someone weighing 150 pounds skiing along for an hour burns around 500 calories .and that’s just at a slow pace..

And keep in mind, if you weigh more, the calories burned only goes up from there.

Todd said, “You have to make your own motion most of the time, if there’s a hill or something, sure you get to go down it, but otherwise you’re making your own motion and using all of your body parts and all your muscles as you go, so you’re burning calories and it’s good for your heart.”

Then I decided to give a different technique a shot. Yea…I think I’ll stick with the basics.

Just think, you’re burning calories, getting some of that all important vitamin D from the sun, and you get to enjoy nature. All things that can improve your mood.

Todd said, “You’re probably going to see some deer, probably gonna see some wildlife, so even if you’re getting tired and it’s working you pretty hard, you have lot’s of beautiful scenery.”

And hey with a little practice, you never know, maybe you’ll see me in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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