Major flooding not expected despite snow

Turtle Creek

AUSTIN, Minn. — Those in southern Minnesota have some concerns over ice dams this spring, but do not see flooding as much of a concern.

Those with the Cedar River Watershed District say that yes, there has been a lot of snow that has fallen so far this winter, but they say it is mostly fluffy snow with not much water content.

With weather in the upper 30s over the next week or so, they say it will be a slow melt.

“The melt will be pretty slow right now, however, with the frost, all the people’s water pipes having issues with that, the frost has been really deep and it’s going to be a while before that comes out so I think we might end up with some issues that way,” said Cody Fox, District Technician for the Cedar River Watershed District.

The North Central River Forecast Center also said that the probability of major flooding on rivers like the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers is less than 25 percent.

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