Countdown to Spring: Landscaping companies are gearing up


Enough talk about winter, it’s finally starting to feel a little more like spring outside.

And as the temperatures go up we continue to count down to the first day of spring.

Each day until the spring officially begins we’ll be bringing you a story of how people in our area are getting ready for the season.

Friday we talked about improving the inside of your home, and today we’re focusing on the outside.

Now is the time landscaping companies prepare for the busy season ahead.

“We’ve always been going to trade shows and seminars sort of gathering up all the information on all the new products which there’s always all kinds of new products which there’s always all kinds of new products out there so that’s always exciting to see what products are new, different trends that are happening this year,” says Landscape Designer, Sandy Vanek.

Landscaping companies are showing people some of the trends for the new year at the North Iowa Home and Landscaping Show – that’s happening through 8 pm Saturday.


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