Counties join together as one

OSAGE, Iowa – Democratic parties from three different counties are joining together as one, with one common goal.

For the first time in Iowa, Democrats from Worth, Mitchell, and Howard Counties held a joint convention on Saturday afternoon at the Osage Public Library.

“If you build it they will come,” said chair of the Tri-County Democrats, Kurt Meyer.

The building paid off as Monica Vernon, a Democratic candidate for Congress stopped by today’s event to share her opinions and agendas, and learn a little bit more about what is important to north Iowa.

“We’ve built the party structure and the candidates have come,” Meyer said, “We’ve had statewide candidates that have been coming throughout the last year.”

Those in attendance this afternoon say they want their opinions heard and Meyer, the man who spear-headed the tri-county initiative, says their partnerships are paying off.

“We discuss matters and then come to a conclusion and then roll up our sleeves and start working and I think that’s going to be one of the outcomes of today, we are going to go to work to elect Democrats.”

State Rep. Mary Jo Wilhelm also stopped by this afternoon to share her thoughts on the counties joint effort and to help these active democrats make a name for themselves.

The success of this first convention was promising for Meyer, and his next hope is that the other chair members are ‘Ready for Hillary’ and that Hillary is ready for them as she kicks off what they hope will be a race to the oval office in 2016.

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