Sunday liquor sales a possibility yet again in Minnesota


It’s been a controversial issue for years. In Minnesota, liquor sales are banned on Sundays.

The topic is once again up for debate in Saint Paul, where state lawmakers are considering different options.

Many liquor stores oppose Sunday sales because they say it forces them for competitive reasons to be open a seventh day of the week without increasing profits.

But others are open to the idea.

Ron Freeman is on the fence about whether or not he thinks liquor sales on Sunday would be good business.

“If the general public if that’s what they want I think we should be open to it and at least give it a try,” says Freeman.

H owns fountain warehouse liquor store in Albert La and says while it may make the customers happy he knows there are potential downfalls.

“Anextra day will cost us more money in pay roll and electricity,” adds Freeman.

But would more business on Sundays solve those problems? He’s not so sure the extra day would mean extra business.

“Wefeel it’s just an extra day to be open and probably the same among of business spread over 7 days instead of 6.”

The possibility of Sunday liquor sales is not just affecting stores in Minnesota, Iowa liquor stores near the boarder are finding the idea of sales on Sunday a little hard to swallow.

“On Sunday I’d say probably half of my business is from Minnesota,” says owner of DS Liquors, Dan Sastich.

DS Liquors in Northwood is the only liquor store in the town open on Sundays meaning it’s a popular stop for Minnesotans who cross the border to buy alcohol.

But all that could change if the Sunday ban is lifted.

“I do think it’s a silly law but I’d like to see it in place cause it helps me,” he says.

Will Minnesota take a shot at Sunday liquor sales, well it depends on who you ask.

“From what I hear from people, they bring it up every year and it always seems to not happen so based on that I’d say no,” says Sastich.

“The legislators have not really been behind it but I think the general public is starting to push a little bit and it’s what they want so I think if not this year it’s going to happen soon, the next few years,” says Freeman.

Lawmakers are currently considering several different options.

One proposal would allow Sunday beer sales at tap rooms and breweries.

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