Countdown to Spring: Daylight Saving and more sunshine

Springing forward toward spring

MASON CITY, Iowa – On Sunday, we all sprang one hour closer to spring by changing our clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

We might lose an hour of sleep as we take one step closer to warmer weather, but we gain an hour of evening sunlight, which for some is worth the trade-off.

Daylight Saving Time isn’t one of those highly celebrated or talked about holidays, which means that for some, remembering when and how to participate in springing forward can be a little discouraging.

George Mathews turned his clocks forward last night in anticipation of waking up and heading to church.

“I do like Daylight Savings Time,” Mathews said, “but it is kind of a mind-boggling thing, which direction do we turn the clock?”

It’s always a tough adjustment and Mathew’s main concern was getting to the church on time, but there are others who haven’t gotten used to the idea of changing time.

Arizona and Hawaii still do not observe daylight saving time, and Indiana just recently jumped on board back in 2006.

Firefighters use this day in the spring and Daylight Saving Time in the fall to remind everyone to use the change as a reminder to change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

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