Fuel prices surge at the pump

biodisel bill

MASON CITY, Iowa – There’s a surge underway at the pump and some people are choosing to just ignore the prices and accept the reality.

Claudia Cooper says when prices get this high, there is only one way to approach the daily errand of filling up.

“I don’t look at the price anymore,” she says, “because I think if I did I would just be I would just be really bummed, so I just get my gas and leave.”

Being bummed out is a pretty accurate description of what many motorists are dealing with right now.

According to the newest reports from the Lundberg Survey, the national average of a gallon of gas has jumped ten cents in the last two weeks, and Patrick Dehaan, an analyst for GasBuddy.com, says he doesn’t see this jump in prices changing any time soon.

“Between now and April were likely to tack on another forty cents a gallon,” Dehaan said, “in some areas, it could be thirty, in other areas it could be fifty.”

On Monday, March 3rd, Iowa Sec. of Agriculture Bill Northey toured the Manly Terminal to learn more about its work in renewable fuels.

He commented on the jump in fuel prices and said that while it’s concerning that the prices are getting so high, he is not all that hopeful that there is an end in sight.

Cooper knows that these prices will eventually end up putting a decent sized dent in her wallet, but for now, she knows there’s nothing she can do.

Gasbuddy.com is reporting that Iowa’s average price per gallon at the pump is $3.54, and it’s very similar in Minnesota, where the site is reporting a $3.53 per gallon as the average price.

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