Countdown to Spring: The birds are chirping again


MASON CITY, Iowa – Things are getting a little noisier outside now that the warmer weather has returned.

Birds have finally made their way back to the north after their long winter in the southern state and one business owner has been eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Ellen Montgomery is the owner of The Basic Birder in Mason City, a place where all of your bird watching necessities can be found, and she says that the time has come for the bird watching season to begin.

“If you listen now it’s getting very, very noisy outside” Montgomery said, “the Cardinals in particular are starting to get territorial and sing and all of the birds in general are just starting to make a lot more noise so spring is definitely on the way.”

Montgomery also tells us that anyone interested in having more birds visit their home, shouldn’t wait.

As migratory birds return from their trip south, they will be hungry and tired and looking for food, but they also tend to develop their food patterns as soon as they arrive, so setting out seeds and snacks will help attract more to your area.

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