Still be cautious on area roads

Slippery Roads

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Slick roads Friday night led to a deadly crash in southern Minnesota.

Although roads are much clearer Monday, safety crews are reminding us that we are not in the clear yet.

The temperatures got into the 40s Monday which helped melt what was on the roads. That means the snow beside the roads is also melting.

It may not be a major issue when the sun is out, but that is not the case overnight.

“At nighttime the temperature dips below freezing, suddenly you’re going to have some ice again and it might not be apparent so we’re just advising folks, still go a little slower, just be attentive and really watch for the work crews that are out there now,” said MnDOT Spokesperson Mike Dougherty.

He said even in weather like this be aware of sitting water on area roadways that can be caused by the drainage issues from too much water from the snow.

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