Waiting and waiting for water

Petition for Belmond Residents

KIMT News 3 – From frozen water lines, to water main breaks, many are suffering from winter’s cold wrath, even during the current warm-up.

And unfortunately for Ashley Pannhoff, a Belmond resident, she’s fed up with winter.

“I came home on February 11th from Minnesota to no water. My neighbor across the street has had no water for two weeks,” said Pannhoff.

As of Monday, she’s been without water for almost a month.

According to the Belmond City Director, she’s not alone.

More than a 120 people in town have called in with same problem this winter.

Pannhoff says she’s very frustrated that the city can’t help her.

So she started a petition to make them provide drinking water to affected homes.

But city officials say aside from letting residents fill jugs with water at city hall, there is nothing else they can do besides giving folks a break on their bills if they’ve called in.

Pannhoff says either way she’s tired of it.

“Well I tell you what living without water is an experience. Trying to maintain your house, my cupboards right now are plastic plates and silverware, hauling everything to my mother’s house,” said Pannhoff.

But Belmond isn’t the only town suffering.

Aaron stone, the Public Works Director, from Manly is dealing with a similar problem.

“Its just big, big snow it just keeps piling up, piling up all the time. Usually when snow piles up that’s when water main breaks development,” said Stone.

Stone says his situation is much like the one being faced in Belmond.

Their hands are tied when it comes to this as well.

“Not really we’ve tried to do what we can. We’re not in the waterline thawing business. We’ve offered to help anyway we can,” said Stone.

While people in danger of having their lines freeze up are being told to let the cold water run to keep that from happening, for Pannhoff, it’s too late.

“Have you been letting your water run a little bit here. Hunny, I don’t have any water to run,” said Pannhoff.

According to Stone, the city of Manly has six to eight homes without water.

City officials are hoping that within the next month, water will be running again.

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