Countdown to Spring: Tanning salons keeping busy


As spring inches nearer we are continuing our countdown to the season.

Each day we’re bringing you a story of how people in the community are getting ready for spring.

Many businesses thrive this time of year including tanning salons.

Managers at i-Sun 24-hour Salon in ClearLake say they’ve seen a large increase in business over the past two months.

While their business always booms this time of year they say they’re the busiest they’ve been in a while.

“When it got towards or even mid-December to the end of December people were already sick of the winter and it just got worse and worse and we have a lot of people coming in here. Vitamin D is obviously going to help with making you feel better and being happier that kind of thing,” says Josianne Chambers, a manager at the salon.

Besides the vitamin D boost and maybe to get a reminder of what warmth and UV rays feel like.

She says people have also been coming in to prepare for spring break vacations and prom season.

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