Identity still top secret


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The town of Clear Lake is buzzing, and it’s all thanks to the news that a long-awaited project is on it’s way.

Some are comparing it to a Christmas gift waiting to be open in 18 months.

Others, like Mary Moeller who has been in clear lake for the past 45 years are simply excited for the opportunity her city now has.

“I’m not at all concerned I’m excited to think that our community is going to create more opportunities for people to find employment here and reason for our young people to want to come back and live here after they graduate from high school or college,” said Moeller.

Franchise owner, Angie Barber of Clear Lake agrees and says this will not only benefit residents but other companies in town.

“That means more jobs more people coming in more vendors coming in so anytime there’s something new as a business owner were very happy about it,” said Barber.

So if the company is already booked, why the secrecy?

“They have different ways of doing business and for them being able to remain confidential throughout the structure is certainly an integral part of their business decision to locate in Clear Lake and North Iowa,” said Scott Flory, City Administrator with the City of Clear Lake.

“The communities going to be curious for a defined period of time and then we’re going to have a corporate citizen here for decades who are going to employee 164 people at least with an average payroll of $6.5 million dollars,” said Brent Willett, Executive Director with the North Iowa Corridor.

Figures hardly anyone is arguing, but even though they all share some excitement, it’s clear this anxiousness won’t be going away anytime soon.

Speaking with local franchise owner, Brad Barber he says he understands where the company may be coming from when it comes to protecting their identity.

He says this is often seen with large companies with many investors.

His advice, trust that the city is thinking of the community first.

We expect to find out the name of the company coming to Clear Lake in April of 2015.

One clue we were able to dig up is that this company is listed as a light industry company, which means for zoning purposes they’re not allowed to emit offensive odors or sounds.

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