Promoting and celebrating reading

Read Across Albert Lea Day
Albert Lea Mayor Vern Rasmussen signs a proclamation declaring Tuesday Read Across Albert Lea Day.

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Doctor Seuss’ birthday lands on March 2 and every year on that day Americans pull out their favorite book and flip through the pages as part of “Read Across America Day.”

One of his most famous books, “Cat in the Hat,” made an appearance in our area again as one town does some reading of their own.

Some area elementary school students took a special trip to Albert Lea City Hall.

“We’ll go see his office and we get to have pizza,” said Hawthorne Elementary second grade student Jaxson Rosas.

What they liked most about the office of the Albert Lea mayor may come as a bit of a surprise.

“Like his clock and his desk,” Rosas said.

“You got to see his computer and where he works at,” said second grade student Kevin Rodriguez.

The visit is more than just the mayor’s office and pizza. They were there to promote the importance of reading.

“So today we’re here to proclaim and declare Albert Lea this is Read Across America Day in Albert Lea,” said Albert Lea Mayor Vern Rasmussen.

Rasmussen even signed papers to make it official.

“They do put a lot of hard work into the school year reading books and it’s just a small way we can show appreciation for their efforts,” Rasmussen said.

He signed Cat in the Hat books that went out to every student. It was not just another day on the job for Rasmussen.

“It’s always fun to have the kids around, they’re bringing a lot of energy to the equation so it’s always fun to hear their ideas and thoughts about what’s going on,” Rasmussen said.

They even provided some tips on how to make Albert Lea an even better place to live.

“Recycle, be respectful and happy,” said second grade student Cameron Mudra.

It is those little things that Rasmussen hopes to incorporate into his work.

“As a mayor I think this is one of the things that dots the i. I think you’re always governing for the future and here it is right here, these children,” Rasmussen said.

The students did also take a trip to the city’s public library just down the hall after lunch. Rasmussen said it is important to take the kids there as well because some of them may not have ever seen it before.

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