UPDATE: School referendum vote fails

Grand Meadow Schools
Rendition of proposed renovations to Grand Meadow schools.

UPDATE: Grand Meadow’s vote failed by a count of 448 to 266.

GRAND MEADOW, Minn. — Two southern Minnesota schools want to expand and they are asking taxpayers to help.

Grand Meadow is asking voters for $13.7 million dollars in a bond referendum. They want to add two school buildings and renovate their dome structures.

Byron is also asking for $25.3 million for a new pre-kindergarten through second grade building.

Both of these communities were expecting growth even before the Destination Medical Center project was announced.

“Our projections clearly indicate we’re not going to have enough space. We looked at the population in Grand Meadow. Something we didn’t know is it’s a very young population,” said Grand Meadow Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Reshetar.

This school year Byron had 1,894 students enrolled in school. That is up nearly 200 from two years ago.

Grand Meadow is expecting around 450 students to be enrolled there in two years which is up 50 from this school year.

“What is coming in the front door are a lot more kids and what’s going out the back door in graduations are our smaller classes, so for the next several years we’re going to have significant increases,” Reshetar said.

Voting goes until 8 p.m Tuesday in both cities.

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