Countdown to spring: drive-in dining

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The warmer weather we’ve seen over the past couple of days has led to the kickoff of yet another season at the Barrel Drive-In in Clear Lake.

The establishment has been open since 1958 and has been a staple in spring and summer outings ever since.

Seth Thackery, the owner of the diner says that because of the rough winter, they actually held off with their opening until the weather was a little warmer.

This year’s opening is about a month later than last years and Thackery says it’s always a little unsettling when things don’t go as planned.

“It’s weird that this business is really dependent on the weather,” he said, “so, the nicer the weather, the more people get out and the more people of spring, and when you think of spring and summer you think of the barrel drive-in.”

Hungry customers headed in to indulge in some of their old favorites on Wednesday as the season began.

Thackery says the springtime is when things slowly get going, but the summer months, especially in July, are when things are really hoping at their 50s themed drive-in.

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