Fill, seal, and send

Packaging food at Waldorf College

FOREST CITY, Iowa – When you sit down to a meal, do you often have to wonder where the next one will come from?

For too many around the world, that’s a daily concern.

So some local college students are stepping up to help out.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity here especially because they get involved with a lot of community members and church members that we don’t normally interact with on a daily basis,” said Sophomore Abby Buehler at Waldorf College.

And she couldn’t be more right.

Buehler is packaging food for the first time for the Stop Hunger. Start Hope event.

But she’s not new to it.

She’s also been an advocate in fundraising too.

“I just have kind of lot connections. I’m an RA and orientation leader so I know a lot of people so I think that helps a lot of people so I think that that helps a lot being involved with the students and getting them to know about it.,” said Buehler.

This year’s goal?

To help children who are malnourished in Tanzania.

The packages are filled with items that cost 25 cents a piece, but are packed with nutrition.

Then sealed, and sent.

“That is part of my favorite part all the different people students, faculty, staff, confirmation groups that come in, girl scout groups, senior citizen groups, people from all over the community and area coming to help with this each years,” said Steve Smith, Chair of Religion and Philosophy.

Smith says he just hopes everyone takes something humble from this.

“First just that serving and doing things can be fun and I hope when they leave they feel like they’ve done something significant,” said Smith.

And Buehler couldn’t agree more.

“It’s really fun obviously when they get a box done they cheers and stuff so its not like it’s a boring, oh man I have to go do this, it’s more of a fun experience,” said Buehler.

As of 7 p.m. Wednesday volunteers packed 70,000 meals and we’re told students stayed past the cutoff time because they wanted to keep working.

They’ve already raised a thousand dollars to pay for the project again next year.

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