Spring speed traps

Safety reminders for driving in spring

MASON CITY, Iowa – It might be getting warmer, but that doesn’t mean drivers can let their guards down.

Most roads are clear of ice and snow but some motorists are a little over confident and are letting their foot get a little heavy behind the wheel.

State Trooper Tyrel Williamson with the Iowa State Patrol says it’s no surprise that speedy drivers usually come out when the sun comes out.

“Once spring hits, and it’ll follow through into the summer, typically in the spring you’ll see speeding whenever it’s nice days out.”

Brant Boekelman from Buffalo Center is mindful of his speed but says he’s one of those drivers who celebrates spring by hitting the road.

“Oh yeah! Especially when it starts to get warm out and you know everyone wants to go out for a cruise,” he said, “you know in the winter when it’s so cold, everyone just wants to stay inside and then just get from point A to point B.”

Getting out and driving around is in no way a bad thing, however officials remind drivers that some areas still freeze overnight and that you still need to be cautious while out on the roads.

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