Farmers meet over research


CLARION, Iowa – For these farmers, it’s a proactive approach in learning what works, what doesn’t and how they can protect the environment.

Like any profession, technology and innovation are always changing the way things work on the farm and it’s important for farmers to keep up with the changes.

That’s why local growers are attending an annual get-together, to get caught up.

“As a Farmer I was interested in what they do.  I’ve worked with Micah, the research superintendent on doing some nitrogen trials on my farm. So I was interested to hear what trials they’ve done and some of those results,” said Doug Adams, area farmer.

Each year, farmers from across the state meet here and discuss research from Iowa State University representatives.

This year, the focus is on conservation and what it takes to farm green and efficient.

“Working with Iowa State, we have all the specialist on campus so they can all come down and talk at these meetings and share their knowledge that they have with all the research that they’ve done,” said Micah Smidt, with the Farm Researcher with Iowa State University.

Nutrient loss is an issue that effects many rural areas across Iowa, as rivers and waterways are at risk.

For Doug, it was eye-opening experience as he picks up a few new tricks of the trade.

“Cover crops is one of the options I’ve used as well as using strip till and watching the fertilizer rates and it’s interesting to see that it’s just not one of those things that’s going to help solve our nutrient problems, we’re going to have to do several of them,” said Adams.

“New and old are here. They want to learn how to make things better for not just them but for their kids and their grand-kids. They’re being very proactive when it comes to nutrient reduction strategy now,” said Smidt.

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