Fitness Friday: Aqua Zumba

You won’t need any flippers for this class…unless of course that’s what you’re into.

Just like traditional Zumba, Latin inspired music is the motivator in this class

Our instructor gets to stay on the dry land while the rest of us fight the resistance in the pool.

And that’s the main idea. Zumba is a workout on its own, but trying to move quickly in all that water makes it that much harder.

It’s difficult to tell under the water, but we’re doing all the classic dance moves. These are designed to target your core with lots of hip shaking, but the resistance makes it a great muscle strengthening workout too.

The class lasts for 45 minutes and we don’t stop moving the entire time, so that right there counts as your cardio.

Being in the water means it’s low-impact, which is perfect for sensitive joints and can also be a great way to keep up your fitness level if you’re recovering from an injury.

Overall just make sure you have fun, feel the music, and that 45 minutes will be over before you know it.

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