New OTC drug being abused by teens

Latest Teen Drug

KIMT News 3 — Some common medicines found in cabinets at home or the local store are becoming more and more abused by teens.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a cough suppressant found in many cold medicines and Tylenol. You can usually find it on things labeled with DM or tuss.

Teens are calling it “Triple C’s,” which stands for Corcidin, cough and cold.

“You’ll hallucinate, feel a little bit euphoric, but the long-term effects are memory loss, decreased ability to learn has been shown in anybody who’s used this to this degree,” said Pharmacist Curt Clarambeau of Curt’s Pharmacy in Albert Lea.

But he said memory loss could be the least of their concerns.

“They’re taking doses that are greater than 20 times the recommended dose and if it’s combines with any other drug, some of those drugs are immediately toxic and can kill them,” Clarambeau said.

It is popular among teens because parents and teachers do not suspect anything and likely will not take the drug away.

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