Reward renewed for information about missing Hampton man

Ethan Kazmerzak missing poster

Today marks six months since the disappearance of a Hampton man, and to this day there have been few leads and no results.

22-year old Ethan Kazmerzak went missing sometime in the early hours of September 15th, 2013.

A reward was offered for any information about his in October but was then taken off the table in early December.

Now, police are hoping renewing the reward offer will help turn up some information about what may have happened to Ethan.

On September 15th of last year the community of Hampton began the search for one of their own, and now 6 months later the question still remains, where is Ethan Kazmerzak?

The yellow ribbons decorating down town Hampton may have faded in the 6 months he’s been missing but the hope that he will be found safe has not.

“Over the 6 month period, we’ve had some people that have come forward with some leads or whatever, we’ve gone and followed up on those leads they have not led anywhere,” says Hampton Police Chief, Robert Schaefer.

What’s puzzling law enforcement is how a man and his car disappear without a trace.

Family and friends describe Ethan as a likeable person with a lot of friends.

But despite being well known in the community no one has given police any information on where Ethan is. Which is part of the reason why the $20,000 reward for information is back on the table.

“Okay it’s been a while now, let’s go and put that out there an hopefully it will break something loose,” adds Schaefer.

This is not the first time a reward has been offered, back in late October, law enforcement announced a reward in the hopes of getting Ethan home by Thanksgiving.

“Somebody knows something. Now is the time to come forward this family has been through enough. This town has been through enough, and this county has been through enough,” says Franklin County Sheriff Larry Richtsmeier back in October.

But the holidays came and went with no sign of Ethan. That’s why his family is hoping the renewed reward will help to bring him home.

“If Ethan is still out there, he needs to come home. His parents, it’s hurting his parents, his sister, anybody that knows him, it’s hurting them also,” says Schaefer.

The $20,000 reward has been pooled together by a group of five anonymous donors.

If you have any information about Ethan you’re asked to contact the Hampton Police Department at 641-456-2529 or the North Iowa Crime Stoppers at 1-800-383-0088.

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