Spring Countdown: Spring style


Even though we are seeing a little snow, spring is in sight.

We’re just 5 days away from the first day of the season many people are highly anticipating.

Today we’re talking to salons in our area and learning that spring is the time people decide to refresh their style.

Whether it’s experimenting with a new hair cut or color or maybe updating you make-up bag.

Salons say spring tends to be a busy time for them.

We stopped by Kush Salon in Mason City where they say guests are welcoming the new season with some beauty treatments.

“We’ve been busy doing full body scrubs which is really nice to slough off the dry skin from the winter. We’re also starting to see a lot more pedicures because you know, sandal season is coming,” says Joy Edwards, Co-Owner of Kush.

They say one of the newest spring trends when it comes to hair styles is a cross between a bob and a 70s shag.

And they say bright colored nail polish is also a go-to spring look.

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