The brewing business is hopping

Breweries are popping up everywhere

KIMT News 3 – It’s a trend that’s brewing for a number of years now, including in our area.

Some are old, and some are new, but all have a story to tell.

Margaret Bishop is one of the owners of the Worth Brewing Company in Northwood.

She considers her tap room to be more of a nano-brewery, which is one of the many varieties of that have been stirring up all over the country.

This trend has taken off over the last couple of years and it’s something that Bishop is proud to be a part of.

“You know this industry is an amazing one to be in,” she said, “people really work together.”

Even though they deal with beer, something thought of more as a weekend luxury, they still work and function like your typical small business.

“We’re going to be going off to our conference for craft Brewers, and it’s just amazing,these guys will sit down and talk to you about what worked, or what didn’t,” Bishop said, “and it’s just like an ‘I’ll help you because it helps everybody.'”

Helping others is another trend that seems to be spreading through tap rooms in north Iowa.

Jake Rajewsky is one of the owners and the brewer at the Mason City Brewery and is someone who believes that helping others is a crucial part of the brewing community.

“We all kind of help each other out,” he said, “whenever we visit each other we always sit down and talk have a beer, talk about recipes, talk about any new plans.”

Beer seems like an interesting business to just jump head first into but Rajewsky says they got their start thanks to the history of breweries in the area.

He also believes that craft beers will help change the way that people approach enjoying a cool one on the weekends.

“It’s more about sitting down enjoying it with friends you know, just having a beer or two for the night and just, enjoying the beer.”

Simply enjoying the beer is exactly why these two owners came together on Saturday and also, to celebrate seven years of business for the Worth Brewing Company.

It’s always a daunting and tough task starting up your own business, but both would say it was rewarding to say the least.

Today, friends and families toasted to a smooth tap, and finish, of another successful year for both breweries.

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