Understanding the behaviors of Autism

Learning about Autism

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – It affects one in every 88 children, and families in the area who are impacted by autism are learning more about the disorder.

On Saturday, the center hosted Dr. Travis Thompson, a world renowned speaker and a licensed psychologists and professor of Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Thompson’s workshop walked through parents typical behavioral obstacles they might face with their child and helped them improve on communication and patience to understand their child’s needs.

“There are some things that everyone can learn pretty easily the first and most important thing is that you should prevent it and not be reactant and if they can go home and really get that, really get that, then their strategy for working with their child is going to change.”

Presentations for families with Autistic children are a common occurrence over at the Opportunity Village, but Dr. Thompson says the more information, the better.

Dozens of people attended today’s workshop including parents, grandparents, nurses and teachers of children with autism.

Next month the center will focus on struggles with healthy eating.

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