Dog park bound

MASON CITY, IA – We are only a few days away from spring and one thing dog owners are looking forward to doing is being able to take their friends outside to get exercise without freezing. One place to do that is the Mason City Dog Park.

It is a fenced in area where dogs can roam around leash free and interact with other dogs.

The dog park committee has big plans for improving the space, but to do that they need to raise $150,000.

For now, folks are just happy to have a safe area where their dogs can exercise.

“It’s a good opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs, you know, so to get the exercise and dog lovers can meet other dog lovers so it’s a good all around thing for everybody,” says dog owner David Bresnahan.

As of now, they have raised more than $50,000.

Future plans will include water fountains for humans and dogs, waste stations throughout, walking paths and benches.

If you want to donate, visit the website at:

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