Owner: Pit bull injured, 3 people attack by black lab

Black lab attacks pit bull and family


The dog accused in the attack has been put down and is being tested for rabies.  More info at this link.


HAMPTON, Iowa – There is a certain double standard that surrounds pit bulls as a breed of dog, but the tables turned for one area pup.

The owner of Hades the pit bull says the dog and three people were attacked by a neighboring black lab while outside on family property.

Chelsea Ersland, the owner of Hades, says that the lab has been known to venture onto her mother’s land, but has never been all that friendly.

“He’s from about maybe three or four miles away, and the dog came up and lunged onto him and my mom tried to pull him off and the dog turned after my mom and tried biting my mom,” Ersland said.

She says the lab bit the dog in the neck and leg and proceeded to chase and attack her, her boyfriend and her mother.

While it was overwhelming at the time and Hades suffered numerous minor injuries, Ersland says this incident can serve as a reputation-builder for pit bulls as a whole.

“If it was reversed,” she said, “Hades would’ve been gone, he would’ve been locked up, they would’ve put him to sleep eventually, it’s just not fair to the breed because they really are great animals.”

There has been no update about a formal report or any charges against the owners of the lab.

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