Paint the Town Pink sets new record

Paint the Town Pink 2014

AUSTIN, Minn. — For four years now an effort in southern Minnesota has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research and this year they set a new high.

The fourth annual Paint the Town Pink wrapped up last month in Austin and this year they raised $162,300. All of that money will go directly to the Hormel Institute and their world renowned cancer research.

“This amount of money is perfect for seed money. We use this money to start or to test a few ideas and to get us some so-called preliminary data and we use that date to support the ideas,” said Dr. Zigang Dong, Executive Director of the Hormel Institute.

He said without this money, a focus specifically on breast cancer research would not be possible for them.

“We will select a project from scientists who propose it and then we review it by other scientist to make sure that it’s very fair and make sure to give it to the right people to do the right research,” Dong said.

He said while the money is important, it means a lot to him to see the outpouring of support for breast cancer research in Austin.

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