Sheltered Reality spreads encouragment


BUFFALO CENTER, Iowa – Marching to the beat of their own drum, one group is spreading the message of just being yourself.

Sheltered Reality is a non-profit group from north Iowa who works to motivate people of all ages to use their gifts to follow their dreams and succeed.

One group leader says by urging students and adults to leave their comfort zones, they build confidence and empowerment through the arts.

“We’re founded to help kids that are struggling with any kind of problems in life, but we also know that we run into adults struggling with something or maybe they just need some empowerment. So our performances have always been towards all ages from kindergarten, clear through senior citizens. In other words the inner child in all of us,” said Steve Schlosser, Executive Director with Sheltered Reality.

“I’ve seen them a couple of times, they have a positive message-type performance that I think our kids will enjoy and get a good lesson from,” said Jill Schutjer, North Iowa Middle School Principal.

Performances use the power of percussion set to music, and high energy choreography as they try to motivate others to get up and move to their own beat.

“The message was awesome and it put a smile on my face and I decided I wanted to be a part of that to go around and put smiles on other people’s faces. Looking out and seeing them drumming along and moving and smiling and having fun just like I was the first time I saw them, hopefully the message gets across to them too,” said Maddie Allen, 16-year-old, Des Moines student.

“For our kids to get to see other kids their age or older or younger do a show like that and being positive role models, I just think that’s a good thing for kids to experience,” said Schutjer.

Sheltered Reality features a number of practice locations all throughout the Midwest.

For information on how you can join, visit the website below:

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