Cardiovascular institute turns 25


MASON CITY, Iowa – More than five-thousand surgeries later, Mercy is celebrating 25 years of cardiovascular care.

The Mercy Heart and Vascular Institute has been serving northern Iowa and southern Minnesota since opening in 1989.

Since beginning with only two specialists, they now have 15 providing diagnosis and award-winning advanced cardiovascular care.

“We do all of the state-of-the-art care and we have a lot of experience. Everybody in the department has a lot of experience. I think it brings university level care to a small town with a small-town approach. I think there’s very few things that you can get anywhere else that we don’t offer here,” said Samuel Congello, Chairman with the Department of Cardiology.

A $1 million donation from the Sukup Family Foundation is going toward uniting the Mercy Heart and Vascular Institute’s services into one area.

Construction on a new facility will wrap up late this year.

“We were the first ones in the state to implant this new defibrillator just two weeks ago. So it gets us a lot of firsts and because we are a big group with a lot of patients, a lot of times companies come to us and say we want to involve you with this new technology,” said Congello.

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