Golden Apple: Karoyln Corcoran

First grade teacher, Karolyn Corcoran has seen a lot of changes in her 30 years as an educator.

She said, “Kids are more sophisticated today and they’ve been exposed to a lot of technology and media and we just have to capitalize on that.”

But some things remain the same.

“We know that the kids that are strong readers in 1st grade are going to be the same kids that excel in 4th grade and 8th grade and even into high school, and so it just feels like this is such an important beginning for them. It’s a catapult for success.”

For some students, getting to sit on the reading carpet is the highlight of their school day.

1st Grader, Kamryn Backhaus said, “I like how to get to know all the stories, because they’re really fun.”

And Karolyn says helping her students transform is an exciting and challenging process.

“As I see the kids walk into the classroom from kindergarten they come in learning or know about 30 to 40 site words and when they leave they’re ready to go and just reading tons and tons of books and that’s been a very rewarding experience for me.”

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