Dog put down following multiple attacks

Lab attacks pit bull and others

ALEXANDER, Iowa – Two dog attacks over the weekend have led to one woman and a pit bull injured, and one dog dead.

Police records show that a black lab was to blame in the attacks and according to those on the scene this is a dog that the family has been familiar with in the past.

The lab has made the roughly three mile journey to the property in the past, but has never been vicious to anyone at the home.

Police investigation show the black lab attacked a type of dog commonly thought of an aggressive breed; a pit bull.

Following this incident, the dog returned to the property, attacked geese and other animals on the ground and proceeded to attack a female resident of the home as she tried to break up the fighting.

The woman who was bitten sustained minor injuries however, the pit bull had numerous bite marks and injuries to his lips and mouth.

Because of the dog’s behavior the owner of the lab put down the dog and brought his body in for testing to see if he had contracted rabies.

Franklin County Public Health Administrative Director, Christa Wiarda says that she encourages all dog owners to bring their dogs in, or any animal, for rabies shots so that it can help protect you and others against the disease.

“In that case where there is no rabies vaccine,” she said in regards to the black lab brought in Tuesday morning, “you really want to work fast.”

Veterinarians are working on testing the canine for rabies, and Wiarda says they should have an answer within a couple days.

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