Austin Utilities looks toward future facilities


AUSTIN, MN – After years of discussion, a step towards the future for Austin Utilities was taken earlier this week.

City residents, Austin Utilities employees, and the board met to discuss the future plans for their facilities.

20 acres of land for a new building has already been bought. Now they have to draw up the plans.

There are two to decide from, costing between 12 and 25 million dollars.

The first involves a whole new facility which would house all operations while the second would keep a downtown office with a garage and operations staff at the new location.

At the meeting, the board approved the motion to hire an architect draw up plans and compare the two.

Austin residents have made it clear that they like the convenience of a downtown location, which isn’t out of the question.

“There is concern about not having that customer office downtown, so we will look at that, we haven’t ruled that out completely, but as we look at the plans and those construction dollars we’ll factor that in to the final decision,” says General Manager Mark Nibaur.

He says more concrete plans will be completed in early 2015.

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