Money down the drain


KIMT News 3 – Water management agencies around the country are chasing down leaks as part of “Fix a Leak Week”.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted each year in the country through household leaks.

As water mains continue to be an issue for several north Iowa homes this winter, area plumbers say homeowners need to be aware of weak spots that can lead to water waste in the future.

“The flush valves on the flapper valves aren’t seated properly and you can’t hear them and you don’t realize that you’re wasting water but they seem to take quite a few gallons of water over a period of time,” said Mike Secory, Co-Owner with Secory Plumbing.

Experts say toilets are the most common culprits leaking more than 200 gallons of water a day.

3 things you can do to find and fix leaks:

-Check your toilet for leaks.

-Check the water meter to check for leaks.

-Fix dripping faucets and shower heads.

-Look for official Watersense labeled products.

“People forget to take the hose off and freeze them and then we can side and there in the crawlspace and don’t they don’t realize it so things like that are most of the problems that we get anyway,” said Secory.

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