Plans for a new hotel in downtown continue

Hilton is out for potential downtown hotel

MASON CITY, Iowa – A developer was working to bring a 96-room Hilton Garden Inn to downtown Mason City but plans have fallen through.

G8 Developments says they had received too much pressure from Hilton corporate not to build, so they called the plan off.

However the idea of a new hotel downtown isn’t completely off the table.

Steve Van Steenhuyse is the development service director for Mason City and says a hotel in downtown will bring more than just a new building and a new business.

“We see a lot of advantages to having a hotel downtown that can serve this population and also provide spaces for meetings, conventions, and things like that,” he said.

They’re hoping people will in turn spend more time in downtown, and that should be pretty easy as Van Steenhuyse and the developer are requesting retail spaces to be available in the new building.

“As far as we know the developer is still working with other hotel chains other than Hilton,” he said, we plan to establish a hotel in downtown Mason City, and they have an option on that property through September.”

G8 Developments says they’re looking at two other companies who are considered major competitors of the Hilton Corporation.

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