Senator Ted Cruz in Mason City

MASON CITY, Iowa – North Iowa Republicans gathered for a fundraiser on Tuesday night, to raise money for the Cerro Gordo County GOP party.  They brought in around 250 people, and $8,000, as well as a US senator getting more national attention recently.  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas was the keynote speaker at the event at Music Man Square in Mason City.  He spoke in Des Moines earlier in the day and was invited to come to the fundraiser afterwards.

The senator has been garnering more attention recently, and has been talked about as a possible contender for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  We asked him about his future plans, and a possible run for President.  While he didn’t give us a yes or no answer, Senator Cruz talked about reviving his party. “I’m now thrilled to be here in Mason City to encourage the Republicans here. I think we are engaged in a national debate about the direction of the country and the direction of the Republican Party and Iowa is right at the center of that debate.”  The Senator also talked about energizing the grassroots of the party, and added that is part of the reason he stopped in north Iowa.

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