Bowhunter safety course now online


KIMT NEWS 3 – Hunting doesn’t always mean taking out your rifle or shotgun. For many, it means grabbing their bow and arrows. Those who are new to this kind of hunting and want to take a safety course, they now need to look no further than the screen in front of them.

It used to mean finding a course and spending up to 10 hours in a classroom, until now.

The safety course is now offered online.

While Iowa and Minnesota don’t require a bowhunter safety course, they are recommended, and required in other states like South Dakota.

One bowhunting veteran has been pushing for a law requiring the course before any arrow is released because he says the information is valuable.

“It’s very educational as how to deal with the animals, the different deer, turkey, the stuff that you hunt with a bow, the safety, lots of safety and it lots of handling of equipment stuff like that so the biggest thing is being as safe as we can,” says Larry Roberts, Co-Owner of Gismos and Gadgets.

If you are interested in completing the course visit:

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