Promoting energy efficiency

Albert Lea Homes

KIMT News 3 — In an effort to promote more energy efficient practices, state leaders in Minnesota are working on a new way to pay for improvements.

Things such as insulation, appliances and solar panel improvements could be paid off monthly through your energy bill.

Similar types of arrangements can already be done in the state and some energy companies do so, but leaders on the House Energy Committee wanted to make sure there are not liability issues like there have been in the past.

“If someone sold a home, the new person coming in did not feel obligated for the loan and they weren’t and so utilities were ending up being stuck with the bill which isn’t fair,” said State Rep. Duane Quam, R-Byron.

He said it could be a popular thing after a winter like we just got over.

“People are starting to realize that we took for granted some things and now we have to readdress some long-standing policies and programs,” Quam said.

He said it has a couple of committees to go through before hitting the House floor. It could be a stand-alone bill when it gets there.

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