Slippery conditions lead to accidents


KIMT News 3- Authorities were kept busy Thursday with many accidents across our area.

One of those accidents happened on the Avenue of the Saints near Rudd. There are not many details available from officials on that one.

Another happened near Nora Springs. Law enforcement say a vehicle lost control and rolled before coming to a stop. The person inside the vehicle left unharmed but authorities say slick conditions did play a role.

“The number one thing today is obviously the fog. Number one, speeds are just too fast. People need to slow down when the fogs on and number two, to put on their headlights. That’s a huge part of the fog, you have to have your headlights on,” said Dep. Patrick Shirley, Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, fog-related accidents account for more deaths each year than heat, tornadoes, floods and lightning combined.

“People need to slow down and they have to make sure that they turn their headlights on because other cars that intersection is the first thing that they’re going to pick up is the headlight coming. When they come to an intersection, roll your windows down, turn your radio down and listen,” said Dep. Shirley.

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